With trached child with history of tracheomalacia collapse with albuterol use, how often would it be safe to use albuterol/atrovent combi? How will I know?

Albuterol use. Usually prematurity/prolonged need for ventilator and/or oxygen cause chronic lung disease. So it is not unusual that a bronchodilator would be used. Albuterol/atrovent (ipratropium) work by relaxing muscles in the airway making breathing easier, and to a lesser extent, atrovent (ipratropium) decreases mucus production. Typically, in non-urgent use is 4h. Albuterol is used in emegent situations more frequently guided by md.
If prescribed for pt. If this med was specifically prescribed for your child you should not exceed the directions given with the prescription. There are not specific formally approved use in pediatric age group though it may be used. In adults it can be used a maximum of 4 times per day. If your child is having breathing difficulties and you feel he needs treatment more frequently than every 6 hrs, contact his doc.