With intermittent low grade fever, yellow secretions (either nasal or trach), 2+ weeks incl airway inflamm @4day steroid, could this still be a virus?

Congestion. One of the nasal functions is humidification. During winter heater dries out house, and nose has to make more mucus to keep up with humidification. So it is very common to have increased congestion, dry throat in am and dry skin. Color of mucus mostly indicates amount of humidification. Persistently thick secretions (regardless of color) as more likely an indicator of bacterial infection.
Maybe not. Viral URI will tend to present with high fevers but would subside with post viral bonchospasms or cough. A low grade fever maybe caused by 2nd sources of infection with lingering congestion and mucous. Sort of a like a perti dish if things don't move around. Atypical bronchitis or walking pneumonias can present in this manner as well.