I have lumbar strain prescribed meds don't work the pain is shooting down my leg for 2days what should I do?

Sounds like sciatica. Sounds like a typical case of sciatica due to nerve compression that can be due to disc herniation but there can be other causes. Generally this is true with pain that goes past the knee and can be confirmed on exam and by imaging with a ct scan or mri. Most get better without surgery. Time, activity restriction, guided exercise & otc medication if no contraindications can help or see your pcp.
Lumbar radiculopathy. Your pain maybe caused by a lumbar disc that is herniated and pressing on a nerve. What is called radicular pain typically does not respond to drugs like Motrin and aleve. A drug such as Lyrica (pregabalin) may help. The treatment is generally a lumbar epidural steroid injection, if physical therapy and chiropractic fail. Surgery would be a last resort.