I have been taking phytob for my flushing menopausal symptoms for 4 years, when I stop it they recur, I am 57 y/old and want to try something diferent, ?

Volcano alert. Sometimes hot flashes feel like a volcano erupting, other times like a lava lake. Menopause transition average 5 years (sometimes 10 years but less symptoms over time). Does phyto-b work when you use it? Other supplement choices: black cohosh, vitex/chaste berry, acupuncture. Good luck!
Try regular exercise. There are no dietary supplements that are proven to improve the symptoms of menopause. A recent study did, however, show that regular daily aerobic exercise was very effective. There are also some prescription medications that have been shown effective. Low doses of several different antidepressants may help. It is believed it is an effect independent of their effect as antidepressants.