What is the best way to manage recurrent neck pain?

Stretch and exercise. Since this is a recurrent problem, evaluation by a physiatrist can help determine the cause and guide you to the best specific treatments (depending if the pain is coming from the bones, nerves, muscles, or fascia). Balancing the postural muscles, stretching, and strengthening neck/shoulders and evaluating the ergonomics of your work station are important. Massage/ice/heat/acupuncture= temp relief.
Inversion table. Inversion table will relax spines and relieve stress in neck.
Depends on cause. Depends on the underlying cause . Antiinflamatories will help most causes if it is arthritic based.
NECK PAIN. Have a regular physician preferrable pain management specialist to diagnose the cause of your recurrent neck pain and formulate treatment plan with you; multi-modality approach. Good luck.
Neck pain. Recurrent neck is related to ergonomics which is the positioning of your neck at work or any other activites that puts stress on your muscles such as talking on the phone with not holding neck properly, sleeping with too small of a pillow or too tall of a pillow, looking down or up too much on a computer, etc. Other causes can be a disc problem of your neck from a previous injury.
Depends. There are a lot of potential causes of neck pain. Each potentially has different treatments. Thankfully, most cases respond to simple thinds such as rest, moist heat, and the use of antiinflammatories. If symptoms persist, seeing a professional to determine the cause is a reasonable next step. Thank you for your question.