I have been detected with tiny gall bladder sludge. Taking 1 ursomax 300 for last 2 months. Is it sufficient. Advice required.?

Are you symptomatic? It depends on how you feel. If you have no gallbladder symptoms, you are likely adequately treated. Gallbladder sludge is a common finding, and its presence doesn't mean you will have gallbladder symptoms.
Uncertain. Ursomax can dissolve gallstones made from cholesterol not pigment. It is also approved for use in primary biliary cirrhosis. It has not been approved for sludge but could work. I'm assuming you were given it because you were having pain from your gallbladder. In stones it can take a year to dissolve so sludge may take less time. Ask your doctor and consider an us to see if the sludge is gone.