What could cause a two year old little girl to get uti's?  her md says they are ecoli and unusual and is sending her to a urologist apt 2 mos away

Urology a good idea. Utis in children are a bigger deal than in adults. Ecoli is the usual bug and that is not unusual. Utis in toilet training girls a little more common and can come from poor hygeine in wiping, but the concern is a problem with urine leaking backwards from bladder to kidney. Several tests can be done to see what is going on. If appt that far out, see if some tests can be done before uro visit.
?Toilet hygene. Many little girls have onset of utis when toilet training. Ideally all girls should seperate their thighs when urinating to prevent urine going into and being temporarily trapped within the vagina. Full rectum from constipation can cause utis, thus shouls have regular daily bms if possible. Urinary reflux from bladder to kidney can be cause of utis with fever. Bladder xray (VCUG) can demonstrate.
Depends. Making sure the plumbing is hooked up right with the urine going out without backflow is more an issue with young kids than adults.These issues can show up as a UTI & we look at them closely. However, most are due to the short distance between the bladder & outside, contamination from,wiping poop the wrong way, sitting in dirty bathwater too long,genital itching, etc. Be patient. It's okay to wait.
Bladder problems. Uti's in children are fairly uncommon, and when they occur at a young age it is important to make sure there in nothing wrong with tunes leading to and from the bladder. The urologist will probably order some ultrasounds and may inject a dye into the bladder to look at the tubes. If anything is wrong, it can usually be fixed before it causes lasting damage. If not, it will give you reassurance!
Common at this age. When little girls are begining to toilet train. They frequently think they have to contract theior abdominal muscles, in doing so also contract their pelvic floor muscles & thus have consideralbe reistance to overcome. Girls should seperate teheir thighs when urinating to prevent urine trapping by closed labia. Utis with fever worse than no fever. Avoid bubble baths. Good to see pedi urologist.