Oral cancer causeed by HPV is rising. How can I tell if a man has hpv? Is there any way to tell if I have been exposed?

HPV warts...but. There is no good way to tell if someone, man or woman, has a current hpv infection. The only exception is if you see hpv warts, which is caused by one type or strain of hpv. This one strain makes it more likely that they also have other strains of hpv that don't cause a visible lesion. Minimize your number of sexual partners, use condoms, etc. To keep yourself healthy. Get reg pap smears!
Very hard to tell. Men and teen boys won't know if they have human papilloma virus (hpv) unless they see a wart (but many men would not recognize a tiny wart if they saw one). Getting vaccinated is good protection. Not having oral and/or sexual contact with too many people over the years, is also good protection. The more people one has intimate contact with, the more opportunities one has to catch hpv viruses.
Not so simple. Hpv can cause warts but only after quit a while. Hpv sheds shortly after initial infect and continues thereafter. The only way to know if you were exposed is an antibody blood test.