Can acute bronchitis be attributed to smoking?

Indirectly. If you smoke, you irritate the lungs & trigger extra mucous flow. That mucus is food for germs. If you supply the extra germ food & inhale the right germs you create the conditions for bronchitis to emerge.

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What increases my risk for acute bronchitis besides smoking?

Infection... If you are exposed to a person with acute bronchitis, you could inhale their infection when they cough. Avoiding people who are sick as much as possible will decrease your risk of acquiring the infection in this manner. Also, frequent hand washing will prevent transferring the bacteria or virus to your mucous membranes, another way of acquiring the infection. Read more...

I have stopped smoking cold turkey 5 days ago after smoking 33 yrs admitted to hospital with acute bronchitis plus I still have a moist cough will it?

Congratulations. You are probably now starting to be able to smell things that you couldn't in the past & over the next 6mo your overall health should improve. You didn't actually ask a question. If you have one , start over and ask it.The site does not link questions . Read more...