Any homemade contact lens solutions? Or is that just a horrible idea

Horrible idea. Not recommended at all. Solution is not sterile and can cause multiple types of infections.
Horrible. Home made contact lens solutions have been associated with serious, sometimes blinding, infections. Stick to those recommended by your eye md.
That is a bad idea. You increase your risk of an eye infection. It is not worth it.
Horrible idea. Contact lens solutions contain water, cleansers, preservatives and other chemicals that have been rigorously tested to ensure that they do not harbor infective organisms. Home solutions cannot be made to the same standards. The risk of vision loss from infection is too high to bother trying to save money. You would be better off switching to glasses instead.
Horrible idea. Some of the most severe contact lens related eye infections have come from "home-made" saline or using tap water. People have had permanent loss of vision from these corneal infections. Stick with a hydrogen peroxide based system like clear care.
Bad Idea. Homemade contact lens solutions are not considered to be the safest way of cleaning your contact lenses. The best solutions are typically made commercially and kill of most bacteria and fungi.
Possibly harmful! Don't do it. Some eye infections can be very serious and lead to corneal scarring and blindness. It's not worth it.