My 4yo has a "barking cough". 3x today I have given albuterol/atrovent nebs for wheeze. Cloudy drn from nose after 3days clear. 99.5 temp go in when?

Croup. This barking cough may be a sign of croup. Svn treatments with albuterol only affect wheezing from the lungs, not croup which is an inflammation of the larynx. If he has trouble breathing you should seek medical attention immediately since this affects his airway. I would definitely go see your doctor today.
Probably croup. Caused by parainfluenza. It worsens each day peaking on the 3rd day then steadily improving. Cold makes it better. In warm climates breathing in freezer air helps. If cold outside at night, when always worse, bundle up and go outside. It is usually worse in winter but does happen in simmer too. Severe trouble breathing as in young infants can warrant an er trip.
?croup. A barking cough could be a sign of croup which is a narrowing of the upper airway and could be serious. Call your pediatrician for advice as they probably would want to see your 4 year old or send him.Her to the er. Albuterol and atrovent (ipratropium) help open up the lower airway and would not help a croup situation.