I have pain on my right knee cap when I put direct pressure on it (when I kneel on the ground) it doesn't hurt 2 run or lift weights. What could it be?

Cartilage wear. You may have patellofemoral syndrome or wear of the cartilage under the kneecap, also called chondromalacia patella. Physical therapy for quadriceps vastus medialis strengthening would likely help any symptoms. If you are able to run without pain then it would be considered mild.
Patellofemoral dys. What you are experiencing is probably due to either prepatellar bursitis (some swelling on the outside of the patella) or inflammation of the back of the patella where is contacts the groove in the femur. A physician can help sort this out for you.
Many things. There are several conditions that can cause the symptoms that you described. Although some may be benign, there are others that should be treated. I suggest you see your primary care doctor as soon as these symptoms appear.