Baby throwung up- no fever- what shield I do?  

?Age/Attitude/wets. Throwing up can be a simple wet burp or early signs of twisted gut. How old?How much?Is baby upset/bothered.I classify them as happy or sad spitters.I worry less with happy ones that are ready to feed immediately &playful most of the time.The sad ones refuse feeds, look sick, don't play & are likely to get into trouble.Consult your dr for guidence, both can be helped.
Dehydrated? A young baby (less than 3 months) should be evaluated by a doctor if they begin throwing up regularly. In children 2 years and younger dehydration is a very common reason for hospitalizaton and can be very dangerous. Signs of dehydration include dry mouth, no tears, or decreased urination (or wet diapers). No matter what age, a child who shows signs of dehydration should be seen and evaluated.