After massive weight loss I have extra skin under my chin. What are my surgical options?

Facelift. After weight loss the skin is often unable to shrink and tighten, and in these situations there is not much that works other than surgery. For the face and neck area, this is of course a facelift, for the abdomen a tummy tuck, etc.
Excess neck skin. The answer depends on the amount of excess neck skin. Small amounts can re treated with a neck lift, but large amounts will require a full face lift.
How much skin. Depends upon how much extra skin. A little bit of skin can be addressed with certain skin tightening lasers, a lot of skin would have to be removed with standard neck lift, incisions being behind ears and in the hairline. Congratulations on your weight loss and good luck in your 'remodelling'!
Removal Excess Skin. Laxity following large weight loss often allows sagging of the excess skin. Typically removal of excess is done through a combination of neck-jowl liposuction + surgical removal of skin (taken by incision in front & behind the ear area). Careful lipo of the neck area helps the redraping (reattachment) of the elevated skin and reduces the weight on the remaining skin.
Neck lift. Skin tightening is effective only for slightly loose skin. Liposuction is also not appropriate for a case of massive weight loss. It is best to consult with an experienced plastic or facial plastic surgeon- american society of plastic surgery or america academy of facial plastic surgery.
Submental Skin. Directed surgical excision in horizontal and vertical dimensions. See in person boarded PS.
Face lift. This is due to load skin and your best option is most likely a face lift.
Facelift. A facelift with contouring of the neck is usually the best treatment after weight loss.
Neck Lift. A neck lift is the best procedure for excess skin under the chin after massive weight loss. When present in moderate amounts, smartlipo can help shrink the skin, but after massive weight loss the amount of skin usually needs to be excised.