How long is the recovery from liposuction for love handles?

Male belly lipo. Liposuction of the male waist can vary in the extent and may involve minimal recovery with return to work in one day or may be more extensive with a week off. The area may be tender for up to 3 months but light exercise may be resumed after 2 weeks.
Not long. Liposuction of a small area usually is not too painful. I allow patients to return to normal activity immediately. An early return to the gym alleviates of lot of the stiffness that can occur.
Liposuction recovery. Some patients are back to the gym within the first week, but we usually recommend to allow a couple of weeks to have less bruising and swelling. Compression garments are worn for the first several weeks, including when working out.
About two weeks. If this is the only area treated, recovery should be complete by 10-14 days.
Varies with amounts. Recovery from liporeduction surgeries is associated with the volumes removed. Small volumes take 2-3 days, large up to 1 week. Technique of removal (syringe vs suction machine) also impacts recovery (longer with machine). Compression over closed cell foam helps skin redraping and reduction of bruising & swelling. This speeds your recovery significantly.
3-7 days. In most cases you can go back to normal activities in 3-7 days (+/-). Some things you will start doing as you feel comfortable. Those include exercising and sexual intercourse.
1 to 2 weeks. About 1-2 weeks. A new nonsurgical alternative to liposuction is liposonix, the first fda approved noninvasive fat melting device. It uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (hifu) to cause lysis or destruction of the fat cells. It's approved for abdomen and flanks but can be used off-label on other body parts. You can lose about 1 inch (2.5 cm) per treatment per area.
Varies. Recovery from ultrasound of the love handels can range from 3-14 days, depending on the amount of fat removed. There will be soreness for two weeks, but most people return to regular activity sooner.
Depends. If you get liposuction using a local tumescent anesthetic your recovery is usually a shorter amount of time. Usually between 1 and 3 days is enough to resume normal habits and aerobic exercise. After 2 weeks you can begin the exercises that include using a basketball, volleyball, or weights.
1-2 weeks. Recovery can vary from few days to 1-2 weeks. Recovery is generally faster using laser liposuction. There are also noninvasive alternatives to liposuction now such as liposonix which is the first fda approved noninvasive fat melting procedure that destroys fat permanently without having to do surgery or liposuction. It removes at least an inch of fat per treatment per area w/o any downtime or risk.
Swelling & bruising. For weeks with conventional lipo, much abbreviated with slim lipo.