What is a bartholin's cyst?

Gland clogging. Bartholin cyst is a benign lesion of the bartholin gland. Usually the pore gets clogged and the secretions are arrested inside causing the gland to swell. It usually requires surgical treatment.
Benign cyst. A bartholin gland cyst is a benign cyst caused by a blockage in the duct of bartholin's gland, in the female vulva. They can range in size from a pea to an egg and can be quite painful. The blockage can be physical, mechanical, infective, etc. Although benign, not sexually transmitted and often painful, they do need to be treated promptly. If you have one, see your doc right away.

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What causes a Bartholin’s cyst? Can chalmdyia cause one it is pea size and painless? It states on some website U can is this true?

Bartholins cyst. All women have two Bartholins glands - one on each side. If the gland gets blocked then fluid accumulates forming a cyst. Infections such as E coli can cuase a Bartholins abscess. Gonorrhea and chlamydia can also cause this. Read more...

What causes Bartholin’s cyst? Can chalmdyia cause the cyst itself or just infect it? A lot of conflicting info on the Internet.

Bartholin's cyst. Bartholin's glands are adjacent to the vaginal outlet. When their duct is blocked (by numerous causes) they back up and form a cyst which can become secondarily infected with a variety of organisms. It is not generally caused by Chlamydia or other infections. Read more...