What are the advantages of a robotic hysterectomy?

Minimally invasive. In terms of invasiveness: using the natural orifice approach is least invasive- this is a vaginal hysterectomy (vh). Next would be laparoscopic hyst, then robotic assisted hysterectomy (rah) &the most invasive is an open abdominal incision (laparotomy). Unfortunately, many surgeons do not have the skills or experience to perform vh or l'scopic hyst.
Same as Lap Hys. Minimally invasive procedures like vaginal and laparoscopic hysterectomy should be preferred over abdominal hysterectomy with it's large incision as there is less pain and a faster recovery. The robot is simply a tool that helps a surgeon to do a laparoscopic procedure, nothing more or less. Skilled laparoscopic surgeons usually don't need robot as it adds considerably to operative time and cost.
Many. It is associted with less blood loss, quicker recovery, less pain, less tissue damage as better visualistion with 3d technology. Check my website for more information. www.gormd.com.
Know thy sugeon. Laparoscopic hysterectomy is key advantage, and you're so right that the robot is only a tool (very expensive & time consuming) to help convert what would otherwise be an open procedure to a minimally invasive one. Some doctors need this tool to accomplish this and many don't. Know thy surgeon well...
Minimal for most. For the majority of hysterectomies there is no benefit to using the davinci robotic system. For a few very obese patients, or those with extensive pelvic disease (adhesions, tumors, etc) the robotic system may make it possible to perform a hysterectomy and the associated dissections laparoscopically rather than with a large open incision.
Depends on surgeon. The only advantage is if your only alternative is an open (abdominal) hysterectomy. If a surgeon is skilled in laparoscopy, it is a superior technique to robotics for several reasons. Smaller and fewer trocar incisions, much less time under anesthesia (average an hour less), and less painful recovery. The costs are also far less and in the right hands can be safely done in a non-hospital setting.
Many are suggested. The stated benefits for a robotic hysterectomy include less blood loss (and thus transfusions), less pain, faster recovery, less infection risk, faster return to work. The surgery itself is benefitted by better dexterity of movement and enhanced three dimensional magnified view.
None. Greater cost, longer surgery, higher risk of wound dehiscence. But u get to say "my surgery was done by robot" and that can be priceless in the eyes of some hospital marketing. It may be of advantage for endometrial cancer cases w lymph node dissection.
Many. Normally you go home the same day. Recover is quick. Blood loss is less. And you heal faster.
Many. Robotic hysterectomy offers patients shorter recovery times, less postoperative pain, and quicker return to normal activities.
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Precision and recove. Robotic hysterectomies are done by using so called "da vinci" system that allows high precision of surgical intervention and is much less invasive than abdominal histerectomies. It is used primarily in more complicated cases. Recovery is usually 3-4 weeks vs. 6-8 weeks after an abdominal histerectomy.