Anyone heard of natural way to clear fluid for child ears. I tried cupping ear w my hands to create pressure/movement and it seemed to clear fluid. ?

Prevention is best. Prevention is best. One easy manner is to not feed the child while the child is laying flat. Always feed while upright if possible. Chronic fluid that accumulates doesnt cause significant problems - often will resolve (but does need to be followed to make sure that it does or doesnt cause significant hearing loss). I generally don't recommend maneuvers such as you describe.
No easy answer. Fluid forms in the middle ear when the connection between the middle ear and the nose blocks up. This connection is called the eustachian tube. Treating the reason it blocks can help such as treating an infection or allergy. Ultimately though air has to go from the back of the nose up into the ear. If the child can blow his nose forcefully this can open the tube allowing air to go in and fluid out.
Allergy. If fluid is a chronic problem always suspect food sensitivity. Many children with frequent otitis media have sensitivity to either milk, egg or wheat products. The famous allergist dr. J breneman showed the association between food sensitivity/allergy and many chronic symptoms and illnesses such as eczema and asthma. Eliminate these 3 foods for 3 weeks to evaluate.
Craniosacral Therapy. Fluid alone in the ears is harmless. It can take a few months to clear. Having said that, I have had good success with craniosacral therapy. You can look up upledger institute online and find trained therapists in your area. It is gentle and noninvasive and really helps clear fluid in the ears. (it helps with many other health related issues as well).