What is paresthesia?

Abnormal feeling. Paresthesia is an abnormal sensation usually numbness, tingling or burning often felt in arms or legs. It can be temporary, such as your foot "falling asleep" from sitting on it, or permanent from nerve damage. It can also be from vitamin deficiencies or vitamin b6 excess (100+ mg/ day for a long time). Deficiencies are correctable, b6 overdose is not. If it persists, see your doctor soon.

Related Questions

What are paresthesias?

Nerve pains. Paresthesias are annoying sensations from sensory nerves.

What causes paresthesias?

Two possibilities. Paresthesia can result from trauma to the nerves serving the affected area. If there is something putting pressure on the nerve, sometimes removal of the offending object can relieve the paresthesia. Other times, the cause of the paresthesia may not be evident and may be the result of just disturbing the nerve (eg. Nearby extraction). In such cases, the passage of time will usually relieve the it.

What is paresthesia in scalp due to?

Scalp paresthesia. Usually is form impingement over your greater occipital nerve at the junction of head and neck. Did you rest you head over sofa armrest prolonged time?

What do the paresthesias/dysesthesias associated with RLS usually feel like? Are they uncomfortable or are they truly painful?

Strange. These symptoms may or may not be present in restless legs syndrome. A dysesthesia is perception of pain from a stimulus that should not ordinarily cause pain. Parenthesis is a prickling, tingling or numbing sensation. Rls in true form is the inordinate and uncontrollable feeling of the need to move an extremity to relieve any number of "stange" sensation or movement. Dr. J.
Could be both. They have been described as both. If they are really significantly painful there may be something else going on like circulation issue or neuropathy.

What would cause paresthesia in right face/arm when massaging ache in top neck/skull base? No news back from spine X-ray last week. Should I worry about aneurysm/tumors? Always achy. Dr says anxiety.

Likely but maybe not. Neurologically, it wouldn't happen. A rare form of thoracic outlet syndrome could cause the hand symptoms. This can be tested for in the office by your doctor. Nerves to the right face do not run through the neck. Spine xrays will not be helpful. A careful neurologic exam of the affected hand and face during the symptoms will tell the tale clear enough.
Don't cont massage! The massage is manipulating your spinal cord and/or cranial nerves! Please do not continue that until you have seen a physician and possibly undergo a film study (x-ray, mri, etc)! unlikely tumor or aneurysm if that makes you feel better. Please take my advice!

What does it mean paresthesias and hypethesia in bilateral lower extremeties, left greater than right?

Paresthesias=. ANY abnormal sensations...Hyepthesia means HEIGHTENED sensation. Eg pain, sensitivity to heat/cold Hope this helps! Dr Z.

What could be causing paresthesias running down side of leg?

Pinched nerve. A pinched or irritated nerve is most likely. There can be other causes, including poor circulation. See your doctor if persists or worsens.