I'm familiar with the term "snot nose kid" but it seems our 2 year old has had a runny nose for more than 6 months now. Should we be concerned?

Foreign object? Children with chronic nasal discharge may suffer from sinusitis, allergic rhinitis or a foreign object in the nose. If it is just one side that is runny, be sure your doctor carefully examines the nostril for a foreign object. Lots of two year olds stick things up their noses and in their ears.
Probably not. If your child is growing well and is otherwise healthy the runny nose is probably of no importance. If, however, he is coughing, sick, congested, not sleeping well or any other sig symptom then he may have a chronic infection of his nose or sinuses or some other ailment. You should discuss this with your pediatrician or with an ENT who takes care of children.
Possible allergies. Chronic runny nose in a child could be due to allergies. He or she should be evaluated by your pediatrician or family doctor to determine the diagnosis and provide you with a treatment plan.