Do you generally recommend tubal ligation or vasectomy?

Essure. I recommend essure over either of these options. It is a simple office procedure that can be done with no incisions and no recovery. In experienced hands it can be done in less than a minute under local anesthesia. It has the highest success rate and complication rate of any method.
Either/or. There is no question that vasectomy is a less invasive procedure than tubal ligation. But the decision to become sterilized is a personal one. I have a number of couples where both partners have been sterilized. If you personally are done siring or bearing children, permanent sterilization is an appropriate procedure.
Vasectomy for sure. Vasectomy is safer, cheaper, and more effective than a woman getting her tubes blocked/tied. It will not affect a man's sex drive or ability to ejaculate b/c that's dependent on the prostate/seminal vesicles that aren't affected. It's irreversible; ppl who try have limited success. It takes 3 months to make sure the vasectomy worked and is not 100%, but very very close. No needles/scalpels needed!