I'm having trouble falling pregnant. Is there any helpful tips that will help me conceive please?

Get testing. Your age and other questions need to be addressed. If you use ovulation predictor kits and you ovulate and you are over 35 you need to move forward in getting assistance in achieving a pregnancy. Your husband will need a semenanalysis. You will need a HSG to check your uterus and tubes, an amh level to check you ovarian reserve. Be in charge of your quest to achieve a pregnancy and ask your doctor.
Destress... Infertility is a huge problem for millions of people. You, and your partner should first go to your perspective doctors and get checked up. If all is normal then you should destress over it; and just keep trying [which is usually the fun part] fertility docs usually get involved if you have failed to conceive after 6-12 months of unsuccessful 'trying'. Good luck and keep me posted.