I have bleedy nose. When I try to clean mucus I end up with blood all over this has been ongoing from 2 years?

See an ENT Doc. Two years of nasal bleeding? Please see an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist. There may be a chronic sinus infection going on, or even a tumor causing the bleeding, so it is imperative to get it properly looked into. Other reasons could be that you may have a bleeding/coagulation disorder, or are taking certain medications like antiinflammatories that can cause nose bleeds. See a physician!
Need to see an ENT. You most likely have an area in the front of your nose that is inflamed and irritated. There are large superficial blood vessels in the front of the nose that are easily injured by blowing and cleaning. Seeing an ENT doctor is important as he/she can look in your nose and see if there is a vessel that can be easily cauterized. For now avoid putting anything in your nose including saline.
See your doctor. The typical nosebleed usually occurs from dryness in the mucous membranes of the nares[nostrils]; whether from the weather, your environment, or other medication. Try simple nasal saline spray for this; and you can use this as often as you like. If this doesn't stem the problem then go see your doctor and get checked out; you may need to see an ENT specialist for further evaluation.