I need to get my breast examination done. Which doctorshould I go to?

Primary care or gyn. The provider you go to for general check ups or see first for common or puzzling problems is referred to as your primary care provider. For adults this is usually a nurse practitioner, or a doctor specialized in family practice or internal medicine. These providers, or gynecologists (see only females generally) are the ones to see for breast exams. Sometimes int med doctors don't do this, though.
General Surgeon. Primary care physicians, gynecologists and general surgeons are the ones who examine breasts the most. If you have a palpable lump no matter what age you are you will end to be examined by a general( breast) surgeon ( if your insurance allow it save time and fo go to the surgeon) after the mammogram and ultrasound of the breast are done. Most gynecologist don't do surgery of the breast.
Pcp or gynecologist. I would go to your family doctor or pcp or gynecologist. It's who ever you feel most comfortable to see you and examine you. It's a personal choice.