If you have a large swollen lymph node above clavicle will it show up on chest x ray?

No. Xrays are not very good for looking at lymph nodes outside of the chest. A ct (computerized tomography scan) has a much higher sensitivity for looking at lymph nodes inside and outside of your chest.
Maybe. Sometimes x-rays can give a picture of soft tissue masses like lymph nodes, but usually they are not the best imaging option.
No. Soft tissue problems do not show up on plain xrays. You need advanced imaging techniques to find soft tissue abnormalities, like ultrasound, ct or mri.
Not always. Not always unless very large. Is lymph node able to be visualized. Ultrasound and CT examinations are more sensitive for this area of chest.
Not likely. Chest xray will not show one soft tissue structure from another unless it contains calcifications or displaces other structures or normal chest soft tissue contours and density. Such a ln would be more visible on ct or mri. Physicial exam is very important in the evaluation of a lymph node and correlation with you history, physical exam and laboratory data.