If CT results are abnormal will the ordering dr be notified right away?

Sometimes... It depends on the nature of the abnormality and no urgent the reading radiologist thinks the problem is. There are many varieties of abnormal, and many just need a routine follow up, sometimes another study in 6 months or so...So unless the radiologist thinks it is an emergency, the ordering doctor may not my informed right away.
Not always. If the radiologist thinks that what is seen constitutes an urgent medical condition - i.e. Infection, obstruction or foreign body - then they should contact the ordering doc right away. Otherwise it depends on the imaging facility and the workflow of the doctor's office. One important point: never assume no news is good news. Always close the loop and find out the lab or imaging result.
It depends. . As with many things, it depends. If there are emergent or unexpected findings on the ct scan, it is best to notify the referring physician sooner than the regular wait for a report. That can be done with a page, fax, call, or electronic notification.
Reporting. The radiologist should make sure the referring doctor is contacted immediately regarding any results that require immediate treatment. Nonurgent findings should be communicated as well to the referring physician, but may not be done so for up to 24 hours. Different offices may function differently but the common standard is to get all results to the reffering physician's office by 24 hours.
Generally yes. The radiologist will usually try to get in touch with the referring doctor.