My eyes are watery. I have been using artificial tears and dry eye relief but no use. I am having this problem since I was 14 years.?

Tearing. Could possibly represent allergies (if they itch) or it could be a tear duct problem. Would follow up with an eyemd (ophthalmologist).
Dry eyes. You seem to be suffering from severe dry eyes. This can be caused by other systemic conditions, eyelid inflammation, and/or poor tear production. Less commonly, you could be suffering from epiphora - increased production of tears. If the eyes sting or feel irritated, it is dry eye. Look for a dry eye specialist near you. They can offer newer treatments to help your condition.
Watery eyes. The number one cause of tearing is actually dry eye. You can try otc artificial tears and warm compresses to see if that will help your problem. If your tearing continues you may need additional dry eye treatment or it could be from another cause of tearing such as an issue with the drainage system in the eye. If your symptoms continue see an ophthalmologist.
Cornea specialist. Have a dry eye eval. Check tear production. See if other systemic dryness (dry mouth) or autoimmune disease. Look for other treatable causes like rosacea, medication toxicity, etc.
Tear film imbalance. Chronic watery eyes is usually a symptom of a tear film imbalance problem commonly referred to as dry eyes. If frequent application of artificial tears does not help, then other treatments may be necessary. A complete eye examination is necessary to determine if the watery eyes is due to the tear film imbalance or some other eye condition.