What is the solution for hashimotos thyroid disease?

No cure. There is no treatment to stop or cure hashimoto's thyroiditis, but fortunately, we can replace the thyroid hormone if patients become hypothyroid. Close monitoring is needed.

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Is hashimotos thyroid disease an infection?

No. It is an autoimmune disease where the body makes antibodies directed against the thyroid gland. Ultimately, people with hashimoto's thyroiditis may end up with a thyroid which doesn't work properly, making the gland underactive. This results in the need for an oral medication (levothyroxine) to replace thyroid hormone.

I'm only a teenager and I have hashimotos thyroid disease. My big concern is that im loosing a lot of hair.

See you doctor. If you are having alopecia it could due to your thyroid levels being increased, which are sometimes seen early on in hashimotos before signs of hypothryoidism. Also signs of hyperthyroidism are diarrhea, weight loss, and dry skin.

Could hashimoto's thyroid disease affect the size of a person's thyroid lobes? Thyroid sono showed mine to be slightly smaller than normal, overall.

Yes. Hashimoto's is a chronic inflammatory condition of the thyroid gland. Over time, the thyroid can become smaller and firm. This is not unusual for hashimoto's.
Yes. Hashimoto's can cause both an enlarged thyroid, also called a goiter (usually early in disease) or a small fibrotic thyroid (usually later in disease).

Hashimotos disease; is my gradual onset (5 weeks) neck pain and localized swelling caused by neck strain or cervical lymphoma 2* thyroid disease?

See your doctor. It is probably NOT cancer. But this is undoubtedly a frightening event. You need a good history and physical and the advice of your endocrinologist. Best wishes.
UnlikelyButGetChecke. Hashimoto Disease is an auto immune disease which affects thyroid gland. It can pain in any joint and muscles. It can increase your risk of getting a rare kind of thyroid cancer called Thyroid Lymphoma. That is a very rare occurrence in some. But it is not cervical Lymphoma. Since you have a concern about it and have a nodule in thyroid gland. Get it checked by your endocrinologist asap.

If my thyroglobulin is 78. U/ml how sure can u be that I have hoshimoto thyroid disease? I

Not sure. Thyroglobulin is not used to diagnose hashimotos. You need the antibodies, especially thyroid peroxidase antibodies to make this diagnosis.
Antibodies? Anti-thyroglobulin antibodies (ata) or tgab can be seen in patients with hashimoto thyroiditis or graves disease. So, you cannot be certain: however, symptoms of each disease are quite different. In one you are "hyper-metabolic" (too much hormone) and in the other you are "hypo-metabolic) (too little hormone). Your doctor can help you separate.

Anyone know anything about hashimoto's thyroidism symptoms?

Hashimoto's symptoms. Some common symptoms are: fatigue, hair loss, hoarse voice, slower speech, depressed, brittle nails, dry skin, feeling cold, constipation, weight gain...
Hypo and hyper... Hashimoto's thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease and can present with both hyperthyroid or hypothyroid phases. Most frequently patients have symptoms of weight gain, fatigue, paleness, joint/muscle pain, constipation, inability to get warm, hair loss, irregular menstruation, depression, and slow heart rate.