I'm very worried because I got sone lab results about birth defects and they came out abnormal, does this mean my baby will have sone kind of deformity?

Screen vs diagnose. There's a big difference between screening and diagnostic tests. Screening tests on the pregnant woman's blood, eg, evaluate for increased risk for certain birth defects. Tests such as cvs or amniocentesis confirm some diagnoses based on studies of chromosomes. Any woman receiving results from tests should get more information--ask the ordering doctor to explain them or refer to an expert who can.
Get U/S and help. Get a detailed prenatal sonogram and genetic counseling to decipher those results. High-risk for birth defects is very far from certaintly for birth defects. A maternal-fetal medicine specialist should usually be able to reassure you after a normal sonogram.
Screening. Screening tests, by design, have a high rate of false positive results. This causes some anxiety but is important to keep from missing the true positives in the process. With any screening result, you must first discuss the result with your doctor to find out the actual result. More information is needed. See you doc right away.
See your doctor soon. You need the facts and someone who knows to give them to you. Please see you doctor as soon as possible and go over these results. Not all bad news is bad. You may need further testing and evaluation. Keep a positive attitude about this and try not to worry. You may need to see a tertiary care obstetrician and you may need to see a geneticist. Seek more information.