Is there any cure for fibrocystic patients?

Treatment not cure. Fibrocystic breast disease is present in up to 50% or more of women. Symptoms include beast pain and tenderness that varies with the menstrual cycle. Oral contraceptives and/or vitamin E (800 to 1000 international units per day) are known to minimize the discomfort associated with fibrocystic breast disease. Caffeine intake will cause fluid retention in the breasts and increase the tenderness.
Not yet... Advances in medicine are constantly occurring; so someday there will be. Best advise is to manage the discomfort appropriately; and see your ob/gyn or primary care physician if it becomes unmanageable to make sure there is nothing else going on.
Low in iodine. Estrogen overstimulates proliferative tissue in breast, endometrium, hyperplasia of thyrocytes - all these effects are blocked by iodine - the product by biotics called iodozyme-hp gives 6.25mg iodine check and see whether your symptoms are relieved (will also help thyroid pain if u have).