Is coconut considered a tree nut under food allergies?

Yes. The fda considers coconut to be a nut. Practically speaking coconut allergy is far less common than peanut, pistachio, cashew, walnut, pecan or hazelnut allergy. Here's an area where consultation with a board-certified allergist and skin or blood testing and perhaps a supervised oral challenge can be helpful.
Confusing! Coconuts declared a tree nut but there's disagreement. Bottom line: test for coconut allergy. [1] if you're allergic to another tree nut, get tested for coconut allergy so you can know for sure. [2] you're allergic to another tree nut but you've eaten coconut without problem, still get tested.

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Do food allergies cause long term damage? Newly diagnosed: tomato, barley, tree nuts, coconut. Mild positives: wheat, soy, peanut, egg. How to manage?

No. Food allergies do not cause long term damage, but it is unlikely that you developed true food allergies at your age. And that is quite the laundry list of positive tests. It sounds to me like someone who really doesn't understand food allergies put on a bunch of skin tests or, more likely, ordered a boatload of blood tests. See a board certified allergist to get a more accurate interpretation. Read more...