Dds: do you make a removable partial denture for #2 when it is the last tooth? Big buccal side defect so:no implant. Wisdom tooth removed 25 yrs ago.

Depends. Possible, but most people will not wear one for 1 tooth that far back. You can try - I have patients who wear them with just 2 teeth on them. If you will wear it, then get one. It will be good for lower opposing tooth and help support your face. See a prosthodontist and ask for minimal metal framework. Good luck.
Too much for 1 tooth. A partial denture is a whole lot of hardware for one tooth. Assuming everything else is there besides the wisdoms, you can function fine without it. If you want an implant, it may be possible to graft bone in the area to create enough bone for an implant.
See your dentist... Most times i would say i would not make a removable partial for just #2. If there are other missing upper teeth the partial may be a nice option. Your dentist can best help in the decision. I would not recommend a fixed bridge at all to replace #2.
You can. You may if tooth # 2 which is being replaced will be in contact with the lower opposing tooth. The appliance will keep the lower tooth from growing up into the space [super erupting]. If there is no tooth that is opposing then it would be purely optional, given the info you have just described.
Not likely. It does not make sense to wear a removable partial if you are only missing one tooth, especially to replace an upper second molar. It's a lot of "hardware" in your mouth for just one tooth. If you have at least another couple of missing teeth in your upper arch, then you could consider it. Have you discussed your treatment options with your own dentist?