How long should I wait to take breath test for h. Pylori after 7 day antibiotic treatment? (antibiotics: tetracyline, omeprazole, metronidazole)

A few weeks. If the antibiotics do not kill all the h pylori, they will reduce their numbers. Having the breath test too soon may give you a false negative result (ie the test will say clear but you aren't). However I am not sure you should use the breath test at all unless there is a really good reason to do so.
When you are ready? I usually judge a patients progress by their symptoms; if after the course of treatment your symptoms have subsided then there is no real need for repeating the breath test. However, if you are being sent for it, then ask your doctor when you should go; i see no harm in undergoing the test the day or two after you have taken the last of the treatment.

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I finished h.pylori antibiotic. 2 week after the treatment the breath test was positive and the stool test was negative. Do I still have h.pylori?

Too soon to test. Testing to ensure you've cleared the infection should happen about 6 weeks after you finish the treatment. Breath test is more accurate than the stool test which is still quite accurate. Hope this helps and you feel better! Read more...

It is day 5 after treatment for h. Pylori, and I still have the runs. How long will this last? Can I take a breath test 2 weeks after treatment?

Call ur doc. H pylori doesn't usually cause diarrhea. Any antibiotic can cause diarrhea, might resolve after stopping antibiotic.Ongoing diarrhea after even a short course of antibiotics can cause overgrowth of bacteria called c. Difficile- can cause inflammation, diarrhea, fever, bleeding, worse. Need to be off antibiotics for at least 4 wks before breath or stool tests for h pylori. Read more...