What will happen if we take serophene (clomiphene) and alcoholic drinks a the same time?

Why do this?? Alcohol is not a friend to conception. Social drinking (which for a woman should be no more than 1 drink per day or 7/week, and never more than 3 drinks on one occasion) does not affect ovulation much, but higher levels of alcohol can have profound effects. If you are drinking to excess, it will decrease the ability of the Clomiphene to help you ovulate. Talk to your reproductive specialist.
Pregnancy. There's no direct interaction between Clomid and alcohol. But if you're planning to become pregnant -- and taking serophene (clomiphene) (clomid) indicates you're interested in this -- then why would you want to chance getting pregnant and exposing your early fetus to a toxin which is easily avoidable? What is your intent, and what is your focus?