Is chronic psoriasis linked to heart problems?

Not Simply Skin. There has been an association between psoriasis and increased risk of heart disease possibly due to other concomitant factors (inflammation and increased lipids) that seem to exist with this condition. Screening psoriatic patients more aggressively than previously thought to modify their risky behaviors and address treatable issues would go a long way toward lowering risk before illness strikes.
Yes. The pro-inflammatory nature of psoriasis has been associated with risk for cardiovascular disease. In fact patients with psoriasis are more likely to have heart attacks & strokes than people who don't have the skin disorder. Therefore it is important to seek care if you have psoriasis and to be screened for heart disease risk factors & make lifestyle changes to minimize risk for future problems.

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What kind of heart problems can lead to chronic belching?

None. I'm not aware of any heart diseases that would cause this problem. Some patients during an acute heart attack have severe belching, or feel as if they need to belch, but this typically lasts only minutes or hours.

Doc ordered hsCRP for my chronic ankle and back pain. It came 5.57 (architect; range 0-5) What does this mean? Am I in risk of Heart problems?

No. CRP is a non-specific test for any form of inflammation. HS-CRP range is 1.5. Your result is out of the high sensitivity range and into the arthritis range. It's elevated because you have chronic ankle and back pain. Honestly, since you know you have chronic pain, it is predictable the test would be elevated and it doesn't provide any additional information about your heart.
View in context. The CRP is reflective of inflammation in the body. The result must be interpreted in the context of your general health, family history, risks for heart disease, etc. Definitely follow up with an internist (i.e. your personal MD) for evaluation of the result in the context of your particular situation. Thank-you for checking in with Health Tap!

I am married and with kids. The root to all my fear is past cocaine use. I was a chronic user for 3 years, 13 years ago. I have never been addicted and I am clean ever since. Would cta show long term heart problems from drugs?

Probably no damage. If snorting Cocaine was the limit of what you used as recretional drugs, and stopped 13 years ago, it is unlikely to have caused any permanent damage and would likely not show anything on echocardiogram or angiogram. That is assuming that you have no symptoms or other heart problems from other reasons.
Not recommended. The problem with Cocaine is primarily rhythm problems during acute use. There can be long term effects (cardiomyopathy) which are less common. A simple echocardiogram will answer the question. A cta is not the test of choice and could even be normal despite past damage, exposes you to unnecessary radiation, and is much more expensive.
Probably. Cta of the coronary arteries is very good for showing problems with the vessels to the heart.
Please see doctor. And explain the situation. A consultation with a cardiologist may be helpful, and an echocardiogram would provide a way to evaluate heart and valve function without a lot of cost and no radiation. Make sure to get your high BP under control, and find out the cause of your chest pressure - again, the place to start is your doctor, with probable involvement of a cardiologist. Cta not a 1st step.