What stage is a 7 mm renal cell carcinoma?

Most likely Stage I. All tumors are staged by the tumor, nodes, metastasis (staging system). Stage i kidney tumors are less than 7 CM in size and have no evidence of lymph node as well as distant metastasis. Stage ii tumors are larger than 7 CM and have no lymph node or distant metastasis. Stage iii tumors are locally advanced. Stage IV tumors have spread to lymph nodes or other organs.
More than size. Staging is based on more than just size but also whether the cancer has spread to lymph nodes and to surrounding tissues. However, if it is just 7mm at its widest dimension, then it may be stage one cancer. You definitely need to be having this conversation with your doctor or oncologist as soon as possible.
Stage I renal cancer. Stage i is an early stage of kidney cancer. The tumor measures up to 2 3/4 inches (7 centimeters). It is no bigger than a tennis ball. The cancer cells are found only in the kidney. As per medicine.Net agree with urologist.
T1a. If truly 7 mm, it is unlikely that this cancer has spread and is stage t1a. In fact, it is almost as likely that a renal mass this size is not a cancer at all. If it is 7 cm, this is a different story. More staging information would be needed to determine if this is localized (t1b) or locally-advanced or metastatic.