I have adult acne. I use good hygiene, eat healthy, and exercise. Is there anything else (or more specific) I can do with my lifestyle to reduce it?

Diet, supplements. Avoid sugar, simple carbs, and substitute lactose free milk. Some people are sensitive to sugar. In addition nutritional supplements containing zinc and niacinamide are helpful. A hern which works well for acne is gugulipid. If these. Changes are not enough, prescription creams ay be necessary from your dermatologist.
Acne in adults. Adult acne rosacea which is composed of red bumps and pustules, blood vessels and in some men, a thickening of the nasal skin and oil glands called rhinophyma. Some dietary restrictions may minimize flushing but not necessarily the number of new acne lesions. Another form of adult acne may be hseems to be a whitehead-like acne around the neck and jaw of women in their 30s & may be hormonal.
You are what you eat. In my practice there are two big causes of adult acne. One being hormone balance, and the second being dietary. Hormone balance can be tricky, but if you are a woman, you can talk to your gynecologist about hormone balance. As for diet, you should look to remove processed foods, chemicals, additives and other hormones in foods that you eat. Foods can cause an increase in inflammation of your skin.