Can you take bioidentical hormone replacement therapy while you still have periods?

Yes.. Whenever you start suffering with menopausal symptoms of estrogen or Progesterone deficiency, you may start to use bioidentical hrt. This may be several years before your period stops completely.
Replacing what? If you're still having periods, then you're making your own hormones and not needing to replace them. Birth control pills can be used to help regulate irregular periods. Bioidentical hormone replacement is used in post-menopausal women who are no longer making their own hormones.
What needs fixing? It depends on what you are trying to fix. If you are having problems with pms, low libido, vaginal dryness etc you may still benefit. There is no magic formula. You need a doc that understands what is bothering you and is willing to see you often enough to tweak your treatment. Diet, exercise sleep, thyroid and many other things have to be evaluated at the same time. It's not simple, but it works!
You can. While treating ovarian dysfunction for infertility I found years ago that optimizing hormones in women eradicated the menopausal symptoms that occur in premenopausal women. Supplemental hormones are safe if monitored & improve quality of life. They do not provide birth control. Most women prior to menopause have hormone levels low enough to cause symptoms. Correctable.
No, not a good idea. It is not a good idea to take anything with hormonal effects that is not an fda approved drug, because non-approved drugs may or may not have correct ingredients nor pure ingredients, and the advertised effects may or may not occur in humans, plus the side effects are usually uncertain and unadvertised. If one wants to use hormones, use the pure, tested, and regulated ones a doctor can prescribe.
Yes. Prior to ovarian failure (menopause) all women experience decreased efficiency in ovarian hormone production known as ovarian dysfunction. This is why 40 year old women do not get pregnant as easily as 25 year old women. Decreased ovarian hormone production leads to menopausal symptoms usually with periods continuing to occur. Treatment is replacement of those hormones.
Not suggested. Can you take Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy while you still have periods? Bioidentical hormones encompass several different hormones. Most importantly if you take progesterone cream (wild yam cream) while you are menstruating it will prolong the menstruation. The goal behind natural hormone therapy (Bioidentical identical hormones) is to bring your system into balance. There are many symptoms associated with imbalance, some common ones are: painful menstruation, heavy blood clots doing menstruation, night sweats, hot flashes, excessive facial hair, and the list goes on. With natural hormone therapy it's important to know the relationship between several different hormones, because of this we generally start with saliva testing which can give us an accurate account of the amount of free hormone one has in their system. This will give us a better starting point to balance out the individual’s hormones, for it is the relationship between the different hormones that's most important not the specific amount of the hormone. Thanks for the question, hope this was helpful to you I will be happy to further discuss this with you in the concierge service if you need some additional help.

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I've heard that hormone replacement therapy can help with hot flashes. Everyone's talking about bioidentical hormones. What exactly are they and are they safe to use?

Yes. I have a different opinion and I really don't reference the fda. Most compounded hormones contain the same hormones that are in fda approved medications. I have used compounded hormones for 23 years, using a reputable international compounding pharmacy. I don't use salivary testing, only serum. The issue is really synthetic v plant based treatment. I get the exact doses I want this way.
BHRT=your hormones. Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are the same as those you make in your body. Hrt can help with symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, foggy brain, etc. But they also help preserve health of muscle/bone, brain, eye, skin, heart, etc. Bhrt is safe for most but not all; depends on your medical history, allergies, family history, etc. Your hormone levels should be tested before starting bhrt.
Natural HRT.. Bioidentical hormones are hormones produced in a laboratory to be identical in chemical structure to what the body would produce. Many doctors, including myself, consider them safer and more effective than non-bioidentical hormones.

In using bio identical hormone replacement therapy, for a 57y/o, what is the target values to make me feel young and sexy in my blood work.

No magic. Bioidentical is a great marketing phrase, but has no medical substantiation. It's just another hype to sell product. Blood work values don't make you feel young and sexy. That all a state of mind and mental attitude.

I underwent bilateral oophorectomy due to my dermoid cysts. Is that really necessary to take up hormone replacement therapy? What if I do not take any

Menopause. If you do not take replacement hormones you will experience symptoms of menopause, e.g., hot flashes, mood changes, bone mineral loss and greater susceptibility to blood vessel and heart disorder.