I'm interested in whole patient care strategies for early stage ms. Or what I need to get from our medical provider.?

Support... Speak with the neurologist treating you about this; there are many strategies for this diseasewhich affects millions of people...From yoga, to stress management, to diet, to vitamin supplementation. There are also some great support groups available; so let your cyber-fingers do the surfing.
I would agree. Treatment of MS does involve a potent medication, but would supplement Vitamin D-3, follow a low fat, low salt diet, do aerobic exercises, avoid smoking, work closely with neurologist, and treat relapses promptly.
MS and the Eye. Be aware that MS can cause optic neuritis, an inflammatory condition of the optic nerve to the eye. It can cause pain with eye movement and progressive vision loss. If you experience anything of this nature, contact your nearest local ophthalmologist immediately.