Would diverticulitis cause pain during bowel movements?

It can. It depends on the location of the pain; typical might be left lower abdomen or pelvic, associated with the sigmoid colon inflammation. If you are having fevers or all-over abdominal pain, or signs of infection you should see your doctor; consider taking a daily fiber supplement.

Related Questions

Would diverticulitis cause anal pain during bowel movements?

Prob not. Probably not. Usually pain with a bowel movement is the result of either an anal fissure or external hemorrhoid. Neither one is dangerous and both are easily treated. Diverticulitis will usually give a patient fever and abdominal pain. The pain is more constant in nature. How long have you had this pain and is there any bleeding associated with the bm? Read more...

Can bowel movement cause more pain when you have diverticulitis?

Yes, . The straining with having a bowel movement could cause additional abdominal pain during an episode of diverticulitis. This will not however make the diverticulitis worse. Remember that you need to be under the care of a doctor if you have diverticulitis and abdominal pain. Read more...