My aunt has fibromyalgia. Are there any medications or treatment she can get?

Yes. There are many medicines and treatments that can be used to treat fibromyalgia. The medicines used are not typically those used to treat "regular" kinds of pain but are typically antidepressants, seizure medicines and muscle relaxers. Non-medicine treatments that can help include massage, physical therapy and exercise therapies. Your aunt should look for a physician who specializes in fibromyalgia.
Several. ? what medications for fibromyalgia (FM). Protein for improved muscle mass. Vitamins & minerals for strong biochemistry. Cannabis sativa for appetite stimulation. Cannabis indica for pain & sleeping. Ribose might assist metabolic energy development. Hops extract might ameliorate pain. Topical cannabis lotion, with massage, for local regional pain of muscle spasm & neuropathy. .
YES. She should definitely discuss treatment options with her family doctor - with fibromyalgia - there are traditional ( western medicine ) treatments - such as antidepressants which help decrease the pain associated and muscle relaxers, etc... There are also many non-medicine alternative therapies which can be quite helpful too! wish her well!