The skin around my cuticles dries out and cracks, sometimes it bleeds but a lot of time its just itchy so I pick at it, it even happens in the summer?

Eczema. This can be eczema which is involving the distal fingers. The area becomes fir dry, then itchy and can involve the nail because of pressure from swelling .This requires treatment with a topical steroid combined with a barrier repair cream to increase the water content of the skin. Plant oils such as olive oil can be helpful in moisturizing and trapping water in the area.
Dehydrated skin. We are advised to wash our hands and along with household chores, our hands are in water frequently. This tends to dry out the areas around your nail. Use gloves when washing dishes or handling cleaning products and frequently moisturize the nail and cuticle with over the counter creams that contain either hyaluronic or glycolic acids.
Cuticle rash. Often there is irritation when the nail grows and pulls on the cuticle, the skin cracks. It should be trimmed in as an aseptic technique as possible. The cuticle can be manipulated and cause infection if one is not careful.