What is idiopathic cyclic neutropenia and how is it treated?

Depends. It is a disorder where the neutrophil count is low in a cyclical pattern. To make the diagnosis, a CBC needs to be checked twice weekly for a few weeks. Typically the patient has recurrent infections. A bone marrow biopsy may need to be done to rule out other disorders. If it needs treatment, then Neupogen is given. This raises the white count. Hope this helps.
A fascinating dz... Cyclic neutropenia is due to particular deficiencies in neutrophil elastase (elan) activity. This enzyme plays a role in neutrophil progenitor maturation. The neutropenia occurs approximately every three weeks, and when present may be accompanied by infections. Gcsf may be needed to mitigate the negative consequences of being neutropenic. Elan is also mutated in kostmann syndrome.