Is it safe to have lasik eye surgery during pregnancy?

No. No. It is not recommended due to refractive instability. I like to wait 6-8 weeks after delivery and breastfeeding is completed and the prescription is stable.
Maybe. It is technically safe to have lasik during pregnancy, however I do not recommend it as a general rule. Many changes happen during pregnancy and occasionally your prescription can change. This would give you a suboptimal result. Also, consider that prk(a procedure similar to lasik) often uses Mitomycin c which is known to cause birth defects. This should be completely avoided. Just wait 9 months.
Safe-yes, ideal-no. While it is safe, your eyesight can change dramatically while pregnant. I wouldn't recommend you go through an expensive and permanent procedure like lasik when you don't know how pregnancy will affect your eyesight.
No. Lasik is not indicated during pregnancy. One reasonable time frame is waiting for 3 normal cycles after pregnancy, and if not breastfeeding.

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Is it safe for a nursing baby and reasonable for the mother to get lasik eye surgery if she has had no change in her eye prescription from pregnancy?

Should not be a pbm. The procedure and eyedrops, etc. Involved in the lasik procedure should not affect the breast milk production or baby in any way. Whether it is reasonable to get the procedure is a question for your pocket book & your specific situation.Your doc can provide the pros & cons & you come up with a decision based on the information you have. Read more...
Wait 6-8 weeks after. It is generally recommended to wait 6-8 weeks after completion of delivery and breastfeeding and for your prescription to be stable. Read more...

Am I put to sleep during lasik eye surgery?

Generally not. You need to be able to cooperate with instructions. You might be offered some type of sedation though. This is worth discussing with your lasik doctor. Read more...