I have primary insomnia (which runs in my family). Sleep hygiene has not solved the problem and I don't use caffeine. What should I try next?

Insomnia Treatment . Let Wise Woman within you reflect: • Stresses causing Anxiety and Depression leading to Insomnia Consider: • Therapy and Medication by Psychiatrist • Realize and feel Wonder of Breath of Life. • Become Captain over Stresses of Life and Insomnia, Not Victim. • Visual imagery of National Parks • Meditation .
Try something else. If you are willing to consider sleeping aids, there are tons of them. Plain Benadryl and like drugs (hydroxyzine or doxepin) may work for some. Then you could try ambien, lunesta, the new "non-addictive" rozerem, (ramelteon) benzodiazepines such as temazepam (restoril) and finally sedative benzo's such as lorazepam/xanax. However, you always want to weight addictiveness vs. Benefit. Herbals - valerian root.
Insomnia. In addition to the good advice given and the things you have tried, consider melatonin if not tried, and clinical hypnosis. See www.asch.net for licensed referrals. Peace and good health.
Relaxation. Relaxation / yoga no chocolate in evening not even decaff 6 hours before sleep if no success may be sleep study / option of sleeping medication to adjust sleep cycle.