I have a constant reoccuring ear infection that causes frequent ringing. Leading to dizziness and motion sickness. What home remedies are there?

Not an infection. You are describing meniere's syndrome not an ear infection. Meniere's syndrome is classically defined as intermittent tinnitus, vertigo and hearing loss. In the absence of significant pain which does not let up it is most not likely an infection. I'd recommend seeing an ENT when you are symptomatic for a good ear exam and hearing test.
Ear infections. This is a serious problem that you should be working with an ENT specialist. Chronic infections can be quite serious, and home remedies are not powerful enough to cure most infections.
Menieres syndrome? Possibly but for it to be classic symptoms: 1) ringing in 1 ear 2) ringing is constant, there are never times when there is no ringing 3) significant hearing loss in that 1 ear, especially in the range of the spoken word 4) occasional or frequent bouts with vertigo. If you are diagnosed with menieres (cause is unknown). Significantly reduce your salt intake and eliminate caffeine which can trigger.
Osteopathic massage. Some osteopathic physicians know how to drain the fluid naturally through the eustachian tube. This gentle massage can be performed by a family member at home. It is a treatment i taught to medical students when i was a professor.

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Looking for a home remedy for a ear infection. I'm dizzy, heating lose, no drainage.?

Ear infection. Is it the ear canal or the middle ear that is involved? For outer ear/otitis externa/ swimmer's ear there are otc treatments available. Dizziness, however, suggests otitis media & possible labyrinthitis (infection/ inflammation in the balance mechanism). Otc decongestant may help; otc dramamine (dimenhydrinate) (low dose to prevent side effects) can help with dizziness. If not better in couple days, see fp for tx. Read more...