I have a MRSA infection on my knee, what shoud I do?

See doctor. Mrsa needs to be treated with appropriate antibiotics or it can spread or the infection can get worse. Antibiotics for MRSA include clindamycin, sulfa, minocycline, diclocallon, cephalosporins. For people who become reinvested the use of a second antibiotic the last three days Rifampin can help. Also use one cup of cloroxin a tub of water to decrease bacteria three tines a week.
MRSA. Call your doctor immediately to get treatment. Mrsa staph infections can worsen quickly and require antibiotics and special care at the site of the infection. You are usually infectious so be careful and wash your hands frequently. Follow your doctors directions carefully. Wash your towels and clothes separate from other family members.

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If you have a boil on your leg is it necessarily a staph or MRSA infection?

No. If there is an infection, these are caused by bacteria. There are many types of bacteria. Staph aureus happens to be one of the most common organisms to infect skin and soft tissue. But, it doesn't have to be this. A wound culture taken by your doc can give you the answer, more importantly if the wound is infected you might need to be on an antibiotic or the wound drained. Read more...