What should I do about growing wisdom tooth?

Possibly. Growing wisdom teeth is normal. It may go along with pain and discomfort or it may be painless (like mine). You don't really need them for chewing. They are hard to take care of and may rotten fairly easily because of that. Sometimes they are removed with the scope of prevention of caries.
Some info... Wisdom teeth are known as the third molars. They normally present themselves between the ages of 18-22. Most patients are not recommended to keep these wisdom teeth because there is either not enough space or because the teeth come in at too much of an aberrant angle, in other words, not straight.
Erupting? Wisdom teeth erupt into the mouth and can cause pain, food traps, swelling and shifting of the teeth. Please see an oral surgeon to have your wisdom teeth looked at.
Eruption. Wisdom teeth erupt as the roots grow. Sometimes they can completely erupt and present no problems, however in most cases, they remain impacted usually causing dental pain. The treatment of impacted teeth in most cases is to have them removed.
Common. The wisdom teeth are the third molars, up and down for a usual total of 4 teeth. Most adults have them, but not all. Many people get them removed for prevention reasons because they can crowd the rest of the mouth and come in sideways which can cause problems. See: http://goo.Gl/ojjea.