6 years ago I was diagnossed with pacreatitis (dont kno if I spelled it right) had violent attacks back then. Now not so much. Can it be permanent?

Yes. Pancreatitis can become a chronic and recurring condition that can become life threatening and debilitating. It can occur for even undiagnosable causes and even trivial causes yet become severe and life changing. There are many things to do to try to prevent this from being an issue but is too long to discuss in this short space. Discuss wth your pcp, gastroenterologist or surgeon.
Yes. . Acute (short term) pancreatitis is typically caused by gallstones or alcohol. There are hereditary causes and some drugs can too. It can be mild, severe or even fatal. If structural changes occur in the pancreas we typically think of it as chronic (long-term). Now pain can occur without obvious 'insult'. Several complications can arise in such a situation. I suggest you see a GI md who does eus.