Is it safe to get vaccinated while pregnant?

Yes. Some vaccines are safe in pregnancy. The influenza vaccine for example. These vaccines are made from incomplete viruses or bacteria and have very low risk of serious side effects. Other vaccines are made from live viruses and have an extremely small risk of causing the disease they are trying to prevent and should be avoided in pregnancy. You should check with your OB before getting a vaccine.
Yes. Vaccines should ideally have been completed at least a month before getting pregnant. There are only two to three vaccines that may be routinely recommended during pregnancy, such as the seasonal flu vaccine. These are safe and the overwhelming evidence out there says that they do not cause autism. Some women need other vaccines and this should be individually discussed with your doctor.
Yes. Some vaccines are safe in pregnancy - including tetanus and the flu vaccine. Other "live attenuated" vaccines - like the MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) are not safe in pregnancy.
Yes. Generally an vaccine with a dead virus or only a component of the virus is ok. Vaccines with live viruses are usually not given to pregnant women.